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(In her capacity as Managing Director of Go2Africa)

We had originally selected Jack from 4 other shortlisted sales specialists to work with us to relook our sales process and team structure with the objective of becoming a leading and efficient sales organisation that serves our clients’ needs. Jack challenged, guided, and supported Go2Africa with streamlining our sales process and helping us unpack the most efficient and effective accompanying team structures to support this. Post the changes executed upon, we continued to work with Jack for 15months through the various operational roll out phases and teething issues that come both with change management and changing roles and processes. Jack also continued to support our sales team for a period of time to ensure motivation levels could be understood and supported and to ensure the sales team had what they needed to be successful. During the initial change process and thereafter, we have valued Jack’s sales expertise, personal sales experience and detailed sales know how to have executed on a very big change in our business. Thank you Jack for your expertise and knowledge in this particular domain.

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